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 Stephen H. Fraser John B. Klyczek

Stephen is the founder and Managing Director of Barrington Capital Partners, LLC (“BCP”) and serves on multiple private and private equity boards of directors and advises public and private companies. Fraser led the turn-around as interim CEO of $1.4B revenue, publicly traded, Horizon Lines (largest Jones Act container shipping company serving Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska) for nearly two years, completing the assignment in mid 2012.  Previously, Fraser led a revitalization of GENCO’s reverse logistics businesses and spent nearly a decade in private equity leading a number of platform companies in the logistics space (flatbed trucking, national network of specialized metals warehouses, an intermodal business, a transportation and warehousing management system, a consumer packaged goods warehousing business and a dry freight trailer entity).  

Prior to his tenure in private equity, Fraser built a third-party bulk logistics business for GATX Corporation, having previously sold his environmental transportation business to GATX Capital.   Fraser spent 10 years working for international container and associated pooled asset giant, then known as GE Seacontainers operating both domestically and abroad.   

Fraser is a member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and past speaker at this organization’s annual conferences and is an active member in the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

Fraser and his wife, a pediatric occupational therapist, live in Barrington, Illinois and are thankful parents of three grown children.  He is active in his local church, community and a variety of not-for-profit organizations focused on the under-resourced and social impact investing.  He is an active outdoorsman, an aspiring fly fisherman, and is a vintage sports car enthusiast.

Fraser has a degree in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University. For a more complete background, please see LINKEDIN  (address).

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